PRODUCTION Overview for Models

During a production, the goal is to capture real people in real activities and interactions. Depending on the shoot, this can mean going for a run, preparing a meal, walking in nature, working remotely, or any other number of daily activities. 

Unless specifically for a client, images are made for license on Getty Images and iStockphoto. Images are created that fill a need for major advertisers in communicating their message. See here for some examples of companies that use my work.

Avoid visible logos, pictures, text, and images on clothing. Unless it is very small, I may not be able to use images where the clothing has visible logos. 

Preferred colors include (but are not limited to) shades of blue, light green, yellow, magenta, pink, tan, beige, grey. Layers as appropriate are a great addition. Always bring an extra wardrobe option (or more) just to give us flexibility. 

Most productions are about 2 hours long unless otherwise noted, but it's not uncommon to finish early. Models will sign a model release and receive payment  at the end of the shoot. 

Often I'll tell models that the key to a successful shoot is to simply "be yourself."